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Jars Of Clay ‎– Much Afraid (*NEW-CD, 1997)

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There were a lot of people who bought this album and were disappointed - because they expected it to be like the first album - well this one is radically different. The first one, in general is quite upbeat, this one is a lot mellower, much more introspective, possibly somewhat sad - but it is one of my favorite albums that I've ever owned. I've found that much of satisfaction has to do with what you expect. My favorite tracks are Tea and Sympathy, Weighed Down, Overjoyed, and Crazy Times.

Overjoyed 2:59
Fade To Grey 3:34
Tea & Sympathy 4:52
Crazy Times 3:34
Frail 6:57
Five Candles (You Were There) 3:48
Weighed Down 3:39
Portrait Of An Apology 5:42
Truce 3:11
Much Afraid 3:52
Hymn 3:56