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Jeff Elbel & Ping - Three Finger Opera (*NEW-CD, 2021, Marathon Records) Member of 77's, Choir, Rez Band, Adam Again +!

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The Threefinger Opera CD includes all 13 album tracks plus the bonus track "Do It Again." The package includes a 6-panel gatefold booklet with color photos and song illustrations by Chris Taylor. 

  • Featuring John Mark Painter (Fleming & John/Steve Taylor Band), Mike Row (77's), Glenn Kaiser (Resurrection Band), members of Love Coma and Adam Again, Derri Daugherty (The Choir), and a cover of Brian Healy/Dead Artist Syndrome), and The Wayside. 

Elements of Supertramp, Electric Light Orchestra, Rockpile, Queen, Cake, J. Geils Band, and Beatles can all be found – but there is something completely unique about Jeff Elbel and Ping. The songs are meticulously written – both musically and lyrically. The arrangements are complex and intricate without ever becoming cumbersome or byzantine. Elbel’s frequent use of female backing vocals and three-part harmonies brings an added level of accessibility and charm. At the center of all the superbly recorded instrumentation and clever songcraft, however, is Elbel: a rocket-scientist by day, a world-class music journalist by night, and a musician and producer with whatever minutes he has left. His voice is singular, to be sure. It is all personality, authenticity, and sincerity. His goal is to deliver these beautifully crafted songs, not to be “cool.” In that way, he wins. Elbel has never sounded better than he does here.

1 Introduction 0:21
2 I'm Gonna Be Like That 3:47
3 Unstoppable Me 2:50
4 Like Lightning 3:41
5 Mr. Madarakkis 3:57
6 Second Opinion 4:02
7 Lazy Louie 3:28
8 Moan 3:13
9 Rhyming Dictionary 2:57
10 Waiting Room 3:19
11 In Your Hands 3:17
12 Slowly But Surely 3:01
13 Outroduction 0:14
14 Runout Groove Static 1:00
15 Do It Again (Bonus Track) 2:05