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JUDEA - OUT OF THE DARK [THE LOST SESSIONS] (*NEW-CD, 2022, Roxx) elite old school metal

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JUDEA - OUT OF THE DARK [THE LOST SESSIONS] (*NEW-CD, 2022, Roxx) elite old school metal

RELEASE DATE: April 15, 2022 

In our quest to bring you those long lost Christian metal gems we encourage you to sit back and put on your headphones and whisk yourself back to 1988 for this next one.

Roxx Records is very excited to be bringing you the long lost sessions from Judea. The year was 1988 and Pakaderm Records was one of the hottest labels in Christian rock and metal at the time, and this amazing new band would be invited to record and showcase their talents. Hot on the heels of the very first California Metal compilation, that featured a whose who in Christian metal at the time, the label was ready to release the second installment, California Metal 2!

Much like it’s predecessor, California Metal 2 would feature a host of Who’s Who in the Christian rock world at the time. Bands like Mastedon and Recon we’re all on the Christian music charts and featured on this now classic compilation. But also featured on here with two songs was a pretty unknown band at the time named Judea.

California Metal 2 featured two of four tracks recorded at Pakaderm, including ‘Knock’ and ‘Heart of Stone’. Most people would easily recognize the artists and songs on this comp, but it was Judea that people would go back and give that second listen and say ‘wow who are these guys?’ and the anticipation for more Judea music would begin! Alas that would never come to be, as the band would record one more song for Pakaderm and ultimately somewhat fade away into obscurity, until now!

Roxx Records has worked with the band Judea and we have now fully resurrected all of the bands musical repertoire. We are very excited to be bringing you Judea ‘Out Of The Dark - The Lost Sessions’.

This release starts off with four amazing tracks that were recorded during the original Pakaderm sessions. Included in this four track session you’ll hear the two songs that made it on to Cal Metal 2 and two more songs that have never been released. The next song would be one more from a later Pakaderm session the following year, again never released. Then we take you on a musical journey into some older demos and even some newer stuff from these classic hard rockers. And we end with the original two final cuts from that amazing Pakaderm compilation California Metal 2.

Featuring an amazing new album cover design courtesy of Scott Waters of NoLifeTilMetal. And another stellar remaster from Rob Colwell at Bombworks sound. This one will truly be a collectors item.

So get ready as we prepare to give you a history lesson, and embark on another amazing journey into the archives of Christian metal.



Lost Pakaderm Sessions 1986

  • Heart Of Stone (Pakaderm session 1986)
  • Knock (Pakaderm session 1986)
  • Turning Away (Pakaderm session 1986)
  • The Wanderer (Pakaderm session 1986)

Final Pakaderm Session 1987

  • Over and Done (Pakaderm B room session 1987)

Demo 1985

  • City of Gold (demo)
  • Wanderer (demo)

Demo 1991

  • Don’t Take Away (California session 1991)

Demo 2006

  • Jaded

Lost Demos or New Beginning?

  • Not Forgotten
  • Purple Haze

California Metal 2 Tracks

  • Heart of Stone
  • Knock