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LARRY NOMAN - OMEGA EUROPA (*Used-CD, 1994, Solid Rock) Rare "One Foot Toward The Grave"

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LARRY NOMAN - OMEGA EUROPA (*Used-CD, 1994, Solid Rock) Rare!

Well cared for!                                                         EU92119

For the hard core Larry Norman collector this recording is considered a "must have" due to the inclusion of "One Foot In The Grave" and several other yet to be studio recorded songs. Great songs!  

Acoustic Guitar – Larry Norman
Bass – Anders Hansn
Concert Band – The Judaic Vikings
Drums – Kjell Holm
Keyboards – Putte Nelson
Lead Guitar – Lars Hansn
Rhythm Guitar – Grgen Hellman
Vocals – Larry Norman
Vocals – Michael Norman

"One Foot Toward The Grave" is another title for "You Shall Be Saved"


1. New Doctor

2. Song For A Small Circle

3. Reader's Digest

4. One Foot Toward The Grave

5. Death Comes To Us All

6. Goodbye, Farewell

(With The Judaic Vikings Band):

7. Why Don't You Look Into Jesus

8. Twelve Good Men

9. The Outlaw

10. UFO

11. God Part III

12. It's Only Today That Counts

13. Put Your Life Into His Hands

14. Hallelujah

15. Faith And Love

16. The Rock That Doesn't Roll