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LARRY NORMAN - IN ANOTHER LAND (*Pre-owned CD, 1993, Solid Rock)

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LARRY NORMAN - IN ANOTHER LAND (*CD, 1993, Solid Rock)                                          

Well cared for

1 The Rock That Doesn't Roll
2 I Love You
3 U.F.O.
4 I've Searched All Around
5 Righteous Rocker
6 Deja Vu (If God Is My Father)
7 Deja Vu Continued (Why Don't You Look Into Jesus)
8 I Am A Servant
9 The Sun Began To Rain
10 Shot Down
11 Six Sixty Six
12 Diamonds
13 One Way
14 Song For A Small Circle Of Friends
15 Hymn To The Last Generation
16 Looking For Footprints
17 Strong Love, Strange Peace
18 Dreams On A Grey Afternoon
19 Let That Tape Keep Rolling (Live From Greenbelt)