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LARRY WORLEY & FRIENDS - TESTIFY (*NEW-CD, 2019, Roxx) Vocalist Fear Not/Lovelife

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LARRY WORLEY & FRIENDS - TESTIFY (*NEW-CD, 2019, Roxx) Vocalist Fear Not/Lovelife

Limited: 500 piece pressing

Roxx Records is very excited to be venturing in to a little bit of a different territory for us with our newest signing. While this singer is well known in the Christian rock world that we love and support, this one is a little more special! This is our first full praise and worship release, and it comes to us by way of one of our favorite vocalists, who has sung on some of the most classic releases that we all know and love.

Please join us as we welcome Larry Worley to the Roxx Records artist roster. As you know we have already worked on classic reissues of several of his projects like Love Life and Fear Not! As well as just releasing the brand new Fear Not EP entitled ‘For The Wounded Hearts’ which was released to great reviews this past year. Larry also sang on the debut solo album of Robert Sweet of Stryper entitled ‘Love Trash’, but you have not heard Larry like this before.

On November 8th we will release the debut solo album from Larry Worley & Friends entitled ‘Testify’. ‘Testify’ has been a project that Larry has had in mind and wanted to do for years and finally had the opportunity to record and complete this labor of love. Get ready to hear this amazing new release entitled ‘Testify’ as he puts his vocals and musical stylings on 10 great inspirational tunes that we all know and love. Larry takes these tunes to a whole new level and is excited to finally get to bring this album to fruition as it has been something he has envisioned working on for nearly 10 years.

Check out the first single and lyric video for the first single ‘Lead Me To The Cross’ and help us spread the word and request the song on all your favorite Christian radio stations.
Track Listing:

1. This is Amazing Grace
2. Oh Come To The Altar
3. The Way
4. Let My Words Be Few
5. Bring The Rain
6. Lead Me To The Cross
7. Stand In Your Love
8. Redeemed
9. The More I Seek You
10. Amazing Love