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LEON PATILLO - ON THE WAY UP (1989, Ocean) *Used

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Reviewed by James Attlee

Another self-penned, performed and produced album from the multi-talented Mr Patillo. Apart from a saxophone and some backing vocals, everything is played, sung or programmed by the man himself. That kind of brief immediately places restrictions on the album's scope; as one would expect, it is keyboard-based, with sequenced bass-lines and drum computers to the fore, the resulting mix providing the backdrop for the Patillo vocal chords. The album includes up-tempo dance-workout, like the title track and "Rock House", where the lyrics are kept simple and the beat allowed to dominate; ballads like "Bye Bye For Now", for friends left behind when circumstance dictates a separation; and in "Take Time And Rest" the singer hands out some sound advice to a workaholic friend who's neglecting his family to chase success. Patillo has a reputation for being able to write a love song from a Christian perspective - remember "Flesh Of My Flesh"? - and on this album we have "I Will Hold On For You". The song, written from the point of view of a Christian lover to his loved one, examines honestly the difficulties involved in waiting for God's timing in a relationship, rather than rushing ahead and missing God's best.