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Longbox 2 Pack - Deliverance Weapons of Our Warfare (CD) Bride Snakes In the Playground (CD)

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  • Deliverance - Weapons of Our Warfare + LTD Collectors Card. #3 on the Christian Metal Realm's (CMR) Top 100 Christian Metal Album, #16 on Angelic Warlord's The Top 50 Christian Metal & Hard Rock Albums of the Nineties First time ever on Gold Disc
  • Bride - Snakes In the Playground + Bonus Snake Skin UV Textured Card w/ Foil Logo (Inside the Box) 2021 Girder Records Won 1993 DOVE AWARD™ for "Rattlesnake". #49 Greatest Christian Rock Album of All Time (Heavens Metal) CD, Jewel Case, 12 Page Booklet with Lyrics