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MAIN LINE RIDERS - SHOT IN THE DARK (CD, Retroactive Records) elite hair metal from ex-Huntingtons

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The Texas based Main Line Riders is the type of band whose fans go to their concerts and afterwards they all hang around, sweaty and smiling, talking about how Main Line Riders is the next great rock band. They cant be blamed. When you see MLR, you get the feeling you've discovered something really amazing and special, and you're - in - on it just before the rest of the world catches on. Well, consider this your warning, Rock and Roll has returned, not with a whimper, but with a resounding hinge crushing, door smashing kick. As if they were poised and ready to take over Sunset Strip in the late 80s, Shot In the Dark provides a healthy dose of classic rock jams that never cease to please. With every song employing huge, anthemic hooks, cleverly mixing snarl and attitude, the band has no problems paying homage to their musical rabbis, AC/DC, Hanoi Rocks, Guns-n-Roses, and Skid Row, while appealing to fans of modern day bands Veins of Jenna, Buck Cherry, and Poets & Porn Stars. MLR appeal is in no small part to vocalist, Mikey Mayhem, whose vocals give a nasty attitude and confidence that matches the intensity of the music, not to mention helping the band fulfill (and even exceed) their immense potential with their debut release. Shot in the Dark is full of brilliant moments, all held together by heavy harmonic riffs blasting from the guitars, and Throwin' Bones boasting a guitar solo that would make Stryper's Oz Fox grin. Shot in the Dark is the aural thunderclap that is The Mainline Riders brand new record, an unapologetically anthemic hard rock album, with 9 shout-along, swaggering rockers. No matter how you like your rock served up, The Main Line Riders dish it with delight, and you'll be wolfing it down and demanding more. TRACKS Ride the Main Line, One Way Ticket To Love, Throwin' Bones to the Wolves, Here I am, Speed Queen, Pack Up Your Blues, I Walk Alone, Put the Hammer Down, We Are the Ready Ones