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MESSIAH - GOING INSANE (NEW-VINYL 180-Gram, Cult Metal Classics) Greek Import

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MESSIAH - GOING INSANE (NEW-VINYL 180-Gram, Cult Metal Classics) Greek Import

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MESSIAH's last release, is an EP that succeeded their classic album "Final Warning" and is another amazing Christian metal release. The original EP that was released on vinyl back in 1985, is most likely the rarest Christian metal album of all time with only a handful of collectors owning a copy. Featuring iconic artwork and great classic heavy metal, it became through the years a highly sought after collector's item with the vinyl selling for hundreds of dollars - and sometimes over $1000.  The vinyl comes with a bonus song, a rare version of "Final Warning" that originally appeared on the hard to find compilation: "Talent n' Texas" that featured promising Texas rock bands from the early 80s. The vinyl also comes with a special insert that features detailed band story, song lyrics and a foreword by the Retroactive boss, Matthew Hunt. Get ready for one of the most breathtaking Christian metal releases of all time.  

Oh, and the music….that’s the real treasure here. The music on the band’s two albums raise the bar to a level early Christian bands rarely achieved. Lyrically and musically, this is pure artistic genius with a tasty apocalyptic theme woven throughout to make it even more interesting. Messiah just might be the best kept music secret ever. The quality of the band’s lyrics, the live show, and the music puts them on par with well-known bands like Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Blue Öyster Cult, and Kiss but circumstances never allowed for such popularity. If any band deserved a quality vinyl reissue, it is Messiah. Many thanks to Sonic Age Records for making this happen. Be sure to get your copy before they sell out….and in the words of singer, Charles Michael, “This is your Final – Final Warning!” 

Matthew Hunt
Retroactive Records / Boone’s Overstock

Side A:
1. Going Insane
2. We Will Rock
3. Heavenly Metal
4. Where Are You

Side B:
1. Evil Lies
2. Lucifer ('79 Demo)
3. Final Warning ('79 Demo)
4. You'd Better Say A Prayer ('79 Demo)