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Michael English ‎– Hope (*NEW-CD, 1993, Warner Alliance)

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Michael English ‎– Hope (*NEW-CD, 1993, Warner Alliance)

Wow! This man can sing!!!! He doesn't just have a great, multi-octave, multi-versatile, can-sing-anything he wants voice. He really SINGS in a way that moves anyone who listens! He sings every WORD out of every song as if the words are a song in themselves. His diction is incredibly unique, with total class and perfection! When he sings live, even better.
Catch him on a TBN show he did after the release if "The Prodigal Comes Home" release (book & CD). Go to and search his name. Pick the show with Donny McClurkin and Gary Oliver. If you're not a Michael English fan, you will be after watching him sing "Blessed Assurance" live!! By their own admission he blows away even the most dynamic singers like Donny McClurkin and Gary Oliver on the stage that night. As Jan Crouch quoted, Hearing Michael English sing, "You're hearing One of the GREATEST SINGERS this side of Heaven"! Amen Jan!
I'm so proud of Michael English! With his voice, meekness, power, and looks, he could have topped any pop singers of that time, like Michael Bolton, etc., and could also top them today! But Michael CHOSE to sing for Jesus because "That's where my passion is" Michael says. And it sure is! The greatest singer ever! Extremely gifted beyond belief at times! And now things are coming back around for Michael because he stayed true to The Faith, and God is keeping His promises and blessing Michael for his choices to sing for Him. Even with another NEW "The Michael English Show" on TBN! Who greater to host a gospel music artist show than the man who knows them all! Singing gospel with his dad and brothers since he was 5, knowing all the gospel circles, to singing with Bill Gaither for many, many years, no one knows gospel music like Michael, AND can bring singers and musicians together, with Miichael's sweet, so humble hosting! And we fans get to see and hear Michael English sing every week!
You'll never be disappointed with anything Michael English because he's the real deal and talented beyond description.
Enjoy, new Michael English fan!

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