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Michael Sweet – Truth + 4 New Tracks (*NEW-CD, 2000, Restless Records) Stryper vocalist

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Released by Christian rock singer and Stryper frontman, Michael Sweet, in 2000, Truth is the official full-length Restless Records version of the demo album of the same name Sweet independently released two years earlier (1998).

The 1998 demo album sold independently through Sweet's website and did very well selling 25,000 units. This prompted several labels to seek rights to release the album.

The 2000 official album features eight of the ten songs included in the 1998 demo (songs "One" and "Rain" are not included), presented with new arrangements and a more polished sound and mix. It additionally features four new songs ("All I'm Thinking Of (Is You)", "Save Me", "Ever After", and "Tomorrow") and new album artwork.

Sweet's Stryper bandmate, Oz Fox, features on the song "The Ever After" performing a guitar solo.

1. "Distracted" 5:24
2. "All I'm Thinking Of (Is You)" 4:40
3. "I Am Adam" 4:32
4. "Blue Bleeds Through" 4:46
5. "Wool & Chiffon" 4:56
6. "Save Me" 4:41
7. "The Ever After" 4:07
8. "Tomorrow" 3:41
9. "Lift My Head" 4:39
10. "Truth" 4:42
11. "Achilles Heel" 3:53
12. "Stone" 4:58
Total length: 54:59