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MORTIFICATION - ERASING THE GOBLIN (CD, 2013, Soundmass) RARE version with live bonus tracks!

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The previous versions of this album have different tracks as their track 10. This album contains both of those tracks as tracks 10 and 11. Tracks 12 to 20 are live bonus tracks.


Really enjoying this so far. I have shied away from Mortification, just because I am not a huge fan of the growly vocals of death metal, but Rowe is not as abrasive in this effort as so many death metal bands are. I am fine with his voice now. This is a newer effort and I read that some say it gets away from the earlier stuff which was more of a pure "death metal". So I also picked up their second CD "Scrolls of the Megilloth." For me, they don't seem much different at all. Scrolls might be faster at times, but the songs do not have as much of a distinguishable structure. They sort of lose themselves with frequent changes and so it is hard to get a feel for them (though I love the speed and aggressiveness of the songs). Erasing the Goblin seems to have much more structure and it is easier to get a feel for the songs and get into them (though it still takes a few listens). Now that I have a feel for where the songs are going, I am really digging this CD. I especially love the rhythm in "Your Time." I will definitely be getting more Mortification CDs when I can afford to, and I think I will be giving other death metal bands a second look as well, thanks to Michael Rowe.