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10 Tracks

"Metal, the way it was meant to be recorded, live and raw! Seriously, this is a live club recording - a few hundred screaming fans and a raw sound. Live recording by Phil Lake at The Voice nightclub, Feb. 3, 1996 on the EnVision EvAngeline Austalian tour that was titled, appropriately, Live Without Fear Tour. Unlike the Live Planetarium disc, which had a big production at a large festival with big crowds, this disc is more akin to what you would hear should you attend a Mortification show. A nice array of songs from each album are present as well as some humor a la Steve Rowe... A cool disc for collectors of all things Mortification." -No Life Til Metal

1 Mephibosheth 3:49
2 Northern Storm 3:44
3 Primitive Rhythm Machine 4:52
4 New Beginnings 3:00
5 Grind Planetarium 4:59
6 Bloodworld 4:16
7 Steve Talks 1:59
8 The Majestic Infiltration Of Order 1:11
9 Jesus Grind Satan's Head 0:27
10 Killing Evil 0:38