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(Randy Rose) MOTHERSHIP - ROCKSTAR (*NEW-CD, 2002, Hindenburg Records) RANDY ROSE band

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MOTHERSHIP - ROCKSTAR (*NEW-CD, 2002, Hindenburg Records)

Boone's Overstock just came across a small stash of one of the most difficult to find CDs in CCM....selling at insane prices for those lucky enough to find indie release by Randy Rose - a full on solo rock release....never available in stores....we bought all remaining copies!  Don't wait on this will be gone.....this is a rock and roll masterpiece!

In the very words of Randy Rose (Rose, Mad At the World, Mothership)
"The record was the first independent release after a break from Rose - the musical influence were The Hive's, The Strokes, Phantom Planet, Weezer - it was a total solo record - I loved the record, had no idea how to sell or promote back then!"  

 Track Listing
1. Kindergarten Class
2. Avalanche of Sad
3. Be Nice to Me
4. God's Way
5. Hard Enough
6. Rockstar
7. D.T.B.
8. Living Out Loud
9. Should've Known Better
10. Smile
11. Mona Lisa