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The acoustic album has been over 2 years in the making. Many sessions at Kewsound have finally yielded the finished album with some additional mixing from The Cage in Coventry which is run by Martin Bowes of Attrition. 7 musicians are involved and a range of instrumentation including: Dulcimer, bass, guitar, recorder, harmonium, keys, drums, many percussion instruments, violin and cello. There are 13 new songs including a remake of Shadow Reprise. You will hear melancholic folk, medieval flavoured instrumentals and songs which are from the heart and are borne from personal experiences. Limited to just 100 copies manufactured on vinyl. These are all U.K. Imports.


My Slient Wake is essentially a Doom Metal band. But they have always included a large number of acoustic songs on their releases. Either as refrains on predominately metal albums or even as whole albums (much to the joy of fans).

Two full albums of acoustic songs exist The Anatomy of Melancholy was a double album with the first CD comprising metal, the second acoustic tracks.

This album is all acoustic bringing together older songs (re-invented) & new songs.

The result is a delight. My Silent Wake acoustic is a medieval peasant romp covering a lot of ground both musically and lyrically. The addition of flute and recorder, female and male clean vocals make for a rich tapestry of sound. There is a lot of subtle layering on this album that makes repeated listening wonderful (& it never gets boring).

The CD boasts bonus tracks where as the vinyl is of the highest sound quality.