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MY SILENT WAKE - SHADOW OF SORROW (Seventh Angel) (*NEW-CD, Bombworks)

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Album Notes

Epic doom / death collides with thrash and goth on My Silent Wake?s impressive debut. Rising from the ashes of Ashen Mortality, and also featuring former members of the amazing Seventh Angel, My Silent Wake deftly melds goth and thrash influences with the epic power of doom and death metal to create a haunting soundscape that will crush your skull and pound your innermost being. Featuring 9 newly recorded songs and the 2 songs from their highly acclaimed demo as bonus tracks, Shadow of Sorrow clocks at just under 80 minutes, ensuring plenty of listening goodness. My Silent Wake is recommended for fans of My Dying Bride, Candlemass, Trouble, Paramaecium, Ashen Mortality, and all great doom / death metal.