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NARNIA - LONG LIVE THE KING: 20th Anniversary Edition (*NEW-VINYL-GATEFOLD, 2019) Remastered

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Black Vinyl

A1 Gates of Cair Paravel (Introduction) 1:25
A2 Living Water 3:53
A3 Shelter Through The Pain 5:01
A4 The Mission 4:30
A5 What You Give Is What You Get 4:35
B1 Long Live The King 4:57
B2 The Lost Son 4:05
B3 Dangerous Game 5:11
B4 Star Over Bethlehem 6:47
B5 Shadowlands (Outro) 2:29

Narnia was a Swedish neoclassical/power metal band from the mid 1990s to 2010. As the name suggests, the band is Christian and the works of CS Lewis feature in their music - indeed Aslan the lion graces the cover of this album.
"Long Live The King" is Narnia's second album,circa 1999, and one of their best. This is fantastic neoclassical metal - a style that had long since gone out of favour in the US and UK, but continued on in Scandanavia. Christian Lijegren is a great vocalist and Carljohan Grimmark an absolutely superb guitarist, and is their combined talents which stand out on this album. As well as instrumental intro and outro, the album has eight songs, which vary in speed but not in quality. "Long Live The King", "Dangerous Game" and "Star Over Bethlehem" are probably the best of them.
Superb melodic metal, in the vein of Yngwe Malmsteen. Highly recommend this if you can find it.