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Neal Morse ‎– Momentum (*NEW-CD, 2012, Inside Out) Prog rock - Spock's Beard

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Neal Morse ‎– Momentum (*NEW-CD, 2012, Inside Out) Prog rock - Spock's Beard

1 Momentum 6:25
2 Thoughts Part 5 7:51
3 Smoke And Mirrors 4:38
4 Weathering Sky 4:15
5 Freak 4:29
World Without End (33:39)
6.1 i. Introduction
6.2 ii. Never Pass Away
6.3 iii. Losing Your Soul
6.4 iv. The Mystery
6.5 v. Some Kind Of Yesterday
6.6 vi. Never Passed Away (Reprise)

I have been a Neal Morse fan since his Spock's Beard days. I have given his latest effort "Momentum" a few spins now. After reading the other 18 reviews, I agree with much of what has already been said, but also differ in opinion on some points. First off, I agree that this is another solid album, not Neil's best, but good, quality music nonetheless. Well worth giving multiple listens to.

A few reviewers felt that this is the "same old Neil," but my first thought was "hey, there is some new, fresh stuff to be heard here (the song Freak for example, which I absolutely love), mixed in with some great, classic Spock's Beard and Neal Morse sound (Thoughts Part 5, World Without End)." I didn't realize that only 2 weeks were spent in the studio for this album. With more time devoted to the effort, this could easily have been his best solo album thus far.

It's almost as if he was trying to take all of his wonderful efforts from the past (Spocks, solo stuff, Transatlantic, Flying Colors) and combine it into one album, but didn't devote enough time to it. To me, Neal has "progressed" with this album, and I am excited to see what direction he goes next. (I have to recommend Flying Colors, by the way. Casey Mcpherson is a great vocalist. Not really prog rock, but just some really well-written, enjoyable music to listen to).

Also, to the reviewers that think Neil is being "preachy" on this album, I ask you, have you heard his other solo releases? This is BY FAR his least preachy solo album to date. A couple of the songs don't mention "God" or "Jesus" whatsoever, and I believe that this may be by design. Perhaps Neal wanted to put a couple of more "commercial" songs on the album to please a larger part of his fan base? Momentum, more so than any of his other solo releases, can be enjoyed by believer and non-believer alike.

To sum it up, I have to say keep up the great work Neal! Many of us have been truly blessed by your music, which gives praise to God, and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (whom one reviewer called your "imaginary friend"...that one made me chuckle, not at the person who said it, but at the thought of Jesus being imaginary). What an amazing imagninary friend He is, having made such an immense impact on my life, as well as billions of others lives.