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NEVERMORE - NEVERMORE + 5 Bonus (*NEW-GOLD DISC CD + Collector Card, 2022, Brutal Planet)

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  • Authentically licensed 1995 classic album released on Century Media
  • 5 bonus tracks from the 1992 Demos
  • With the coveted Brutal Planet GoldMax Deluxe CD reissue treatment
  • Elite 2022 Remaster by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound
  • Gold Disc CD to discourage disc rot and add beauty and elegance
  • Every CD comes with a deluxe foil-stamped collector's card of Nevermore
  • Expanded 12-page insert with lyrics and additional band pics
  • Gold Disc border on the front cover - but the back of the booklet features the front cover with no Gold border around the edges
  • Booklet write-up by esteemed heavy metal music critic, Martin Popoff!


“I always view the first Nevermore record as a very rough progression from Sanctuary,” affirms Dane. “We were still trying to find our identity back then, and that first record really is demos that we did with Neil Kernon here in Seattle, and we didn‘t really expect them to become a proper record. But after Century Media heard the demos, they said, ‘you don‘t really need to re-record this because it sounds like a record already.’
                          Warrel Dane (Nevermore / Sanctuary vocalist)

Nevermore's first from 1995! If you've heard their later material, this one serves as foreshadowing of their future endeavors. It is an impressive example of how a modern metal band can choose to innovate rather than replicate, a methodology that has allowed Nevermore to stand out from among their peers. The talent of the band members is undeniable. Jeff Loomis is one of the mightiest axemen to hit scene in the last decade and he doesn't hold back here. His riffing isn't as complex here as it would be in the future, but his guitar solos are inspiring. Every solo is original, melodic, and technically challenging, pretty much what a guitar solo should be. Warrell Dane's vocals are refreshing amidst the horrible screamo-oriented singing of pretty much every other band heralded as the "new gods of heavy metal!!" Dane's voice is quite unique, ranging from a haunting low register to a hellish falsetto. Van Williams is one hell of a progressive drummer and his playing is an important aspect to Nevermore's innate heaviness. Jim Sheppard doesn't warrant the attention that the other members generally receive, but his playing is tight and essential to the riffing. You'd be hard pressed to find a more talented group, and this is only their debut album. And the talent continues with top-shelf songwriting. Each song is memorable in its own right. Many fusing mellower, atmospheric elements to counterpoint the outright heaviness that is generally dominant. Lyrics are intelligent and well-versed, and expertly sung by Dane. They are very memorable! Expect a lot of the riffs to be thrash-influenced, which feels more like Sanctuary than Nevermore. The song structures and lyrics hint at progressive metal foundations, and occasionally there are parts that are reminiscent of power metal. Expect a solid, original, modern metal album worthy of respectable praise from critics and fans a like! The 2022 Brutal Planet Records GoldMax CD remaster includes five hard-to-find bonus tracks (and a foil-stamped Ltd band Collector Card) along with an expanded booklet with lyrics and band pics!   Get this limited edition reissue while you can!


What Tomorrow Knows 5:12

C.B.F. 6:03
The Sanity Assassin 6:21
Garden Of Gray 4:48
Sea Of Possibilities 4:19
The Hurting Words 6:17
Timothy Leary 5:12
Godmoney 4:43
BONUS TRACKS (from the 1992 Demos)
The System's Failing (3:34)
The Dreaming Mind (3:57)
World Unborn (3:58)
Chances Three (2:49)
Utopia (4:40)