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Even though a number of bands have had the label "punk" used to describe some of their output (Altar Boys and Undercover have probably had to bear this cross more than others), no Christian artists on a major label have really sought to go hardcore, avoiding the accessibility of mainstream rock and pop sounds. Real thrash acts like the now-defunct One Bad Pig and the buzzsaw Florida-based trio, The Lead, have been relegated to independent distribution and word-of-mouth publicity. To my knowledge, Nobody Special by Pat Nobody, the brother of ex-Undercover band leader Joey Taylor, was the first record of its kind to be made available wherever quality Christian rock is sold.

And the key word is "quality". Nobody, with the aid of producer and keyboardist Taylor, drums by Gene Eugene (Adam Again), and guitar solos by Chris Brigandi (previously of the Lifters and Wild Blue Yonder), has laid down 15 hard-edged songs that are special indeed. Direct, often blatant lyrics ring true on Nobody's lips, and the intensity of music and emotion of message bring integrity to things that would sound silly or crude printed on paper ("I've had nails through my hands and feet/ I've hung from a tree like a piece of meat"). While no one knows for sure just what extent of the Christian music buying public will embrace evangelistic hardcore thrashy punk, Nobody Special is a fine effort, and any hard rock or alternative music fan should find some fun and meaning in this special little record.


1 Sliding Backwards 2:22

2 That Feelin' 1:45

3 Come Around 1:22

4 I Was 2:14

5 Dissertation 1:02

6 We Are Confident 1:26

7 People Who 1:48

8 Killin' Time

Snare  Joe Mitchell 


9 Burnt 3:09

10 I Wonder 1:48

11 Numb 0:56

12 Get Off The Air

Guitar  Gamiel Shabawda

Written-By  Joey Taylor*


13 Ain't That Hard 3:57

14 Separation 1:29

15 Deeper Things 1:39


Artwork [Insert Lettering, Illustrations]  John Russey

Bass, Keyboards  Turner Burn

Drums  Emil Harvey

Edited By  Dave Jahnsen

Guitar  Dickey Moe

Guitar, Vocals  Pat Nobody

Mastered By  John Matousek

Photography By  Brian Ray

Producer, Engineer, Mixed By  Joey Taylor*

Written-By  Pat Nobody