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NOVELLA - LIQUID EARTH (*Used-CD, 1992, Star Song)

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NOVELLA - LIQUID EARTH (*Used-CD, 1992, Star Song) 

Well cared for.


We bought this album quite a few years ago having never heard of them. We had been at a music festival where metal groups were playing round the clock. When this group came on, we stopped what we were doing at our campsite and said in unison "WHO IS THAT?" We ran to find out, but they were gone by the time we got to the stage.

Later when we got a CD that was on clearance, we put it on and realized with shock that it was the group we had heard at the festival previously. We were thrilled to have their CD, LIQUID EARTH.

To this day, they remain one of the best Christian metal bands of all time that we have heard in person or on CD.

Clean clear lyrics, creative, intense,fabulous mixing and sound quality, both of Novella's albums(the other being ONE BIG SKY) are still the highest played of our Christian metal albums.

There is not nor has been a group quite like them.

Jon Pagano had one of the most intense clear metal voices- at times we wish they had more albums, but the two Novella albums they did release are so full of treasures that we will continue to enjoy them.

The songs are different, deep, and the album layout of songs is brilliantly done as well. If you can still locate either album by Novella- do it. It is well worth the time to check it out.