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OF GODS & MONSTERS - SONS OF ARMAGEDDON (*NEW-CD, 2020) Dio-esque w ex-Stryper (Gaines), ex-Omen, Dead Daisies, Bad English

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The brand new just released March 2020 debut CD from Arizona based 'Of Gods & Monsters' featuring an all star cast of metals elite.

Timothy Gaines (Bass) - Stryper

Dean Castronovo (Drums) - Journey / Bad English / Hardline

Joey Tafolla (Guitar) - Letaherwolf / Hardline / Jag Panzer

Kevin Goocher (Vocals) - Omen / Final Decree / Phantom X

Amazing new album with vocals reminding us of the late great Ronnie James Dio and with this cast of multi talented musicians you can only imagine the caliber of metal music you are getting here! Independent release sold through Boone's Overstock distribution and store. Jewel Case edition with 12 page lyric booklet featuring excellent band pics. Very professional packaging and audio perfection in sound!

Track Listing

1. Prelude

2. Sons of Armageddon

3. Crack The Sky

4. Fighting Fire With Fire

5. Dragon Wars

6. Song To The Dawn

7. Flamethrower

8. Storm The Castle Walls

9. Hell To Pay

10. Raindance

11. Feast of Hate

12. Battlelore

13. Alpha Omega Cannon

Bonus Tracks

14. Legacy

15. Kings of Orient

16. Waiting On The End Of The World