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OF GODS & MONSTERS - SONS OF ARMAGEDDON (NEW-VINYL Black or Red, 2020, Retroactive) 200 Red / 100 Black - Tim Gaines of STRYPER + Dead Daisies/Hardline/Omen/Journey

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Artist:  Of Gods & Monsters

Title:  Sons of Armageddon 

Label:  Brutal Planet Records
Product ID: BPRV1566

Barcode:  637405139969 

Format: Black Vinyl & Red Vinyl with 12x12 insert and 24x24 poster

What are others saying about OF GOD’S & MONSTERS - SONS OF ARMAGEDDON?

“Feast of Hate” captivates with its melodic/anthemic traditional US metal.  “Dragon Wars” would have the band filling the biggest stadiums in the world in past years. The album is filled with terrific vocal and guitar solos.  I am clearly under the spell of this band!
                                      FFM-Rock (Germany)

It doesn't matter which song you pick, all of them are strong, US heavy metal! Anyone into early Dio albums and Helloween cannot pass this up!
                                        BleedingForMetal (Germany)

Amazing new album with vocals reminding us of the late great Ronnie James Dio and with this cast of multi-talented musicians. You can only imagine the caliber of metal music you are getting here!  

                                      Bill Bafford (Roxx Records)

Brilliant power metal with gritty, powerhouse vocals, and virtuoso guitar playing from Joey Tafolla.                                                             

                                                                Scott Waters (NoLifeTilMetal)

The 2020 debut release from Arizona based 'Of Gods & Monsters' featuring an all-star cast of metal’s elite.

  • Timothy Gaines (Bass) - Stryper
  • Dean Castronovo (Drums) - Journey / Bad English / Hardline
  • Joey Tafolla (Guitar) - Leatherwolf / Hardline / Jag Panzer
  • Kevin Goocher (Vocals) - Omen / Final Decree / Phantom X
  • First time ever on vinyl
  • Vinyl includes 24x24 poster
  • Vinyl includes hype sticker
  • Vinyl comes in Black or Red color options
  • Elite US melodic heavy metal and power metal 

Every decade they say that it’s the last generation for metal. It never is, and it never will be. As I write this review, I’m listening to Of God’s & Monsters debut album. It gets me like Dio’s - Holy Diver did the first time I heard it. Sons of Armageddon is that good, period.  With vocals akin to the late great Ronnie James Dio. And, with this cast of multi-talented musicians, the caliber of traditional heavy metal and melodic power metal music you get here, is simply mind-blowing! (Timothy Gaines - Bass - Stryper, Dean Castronovo -Drums - Journey / Bad English / Hardline, Joey Tafolla - Guitar - Leatherwolf / Hardline / Jag Panzer, Kevin Goocher (Vocals) - Omen / Final Decree / Phantom X) The CD was released in March 2020, this is the first time this metal treasure is available on vinyl - Black Vinyl and Red Vinyl! Each album comes with a 12x12 insert and a 24x24 poster of the band. Packaging includes excellent band pics and lyrics. Castronovo stands out as an incredibly tight drummer, and the lyrics are all about beasts, dragons, sword and sorcery. In other words, this is US melodic metal perfection! 

Track Listing

  1. Prelude
  1. Sons of Armageddon
  1. Crack The Sky
  1. Fighting Fire With Fire
  1. Dragon Wars
  1. Song To The Dawn
  1. Flamethrower
  1. Storm The Castle Walls
  1. Hell To Pay
  1. Raindance
  1. Feast of Hate
  1. Battlelore
  1. Alpha Omega Cannon