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P.K. MITCHELL - ALL HAIL THE POWER (*Used-CD, 1994 Rugged Records)

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P.K. MITCHELL - ALL HAIL THE POWER (*Used-CD, 1994 Rugged Records)

Amazing CD of classic church hymns in full-on heavy metal from band member in Red Sea, and Malachia (Ken Pike) etc.  AWESOME!

Very rare and out of print.  Essential to any Christian metal collection!

Even though the title says "...hymns...", don't let that fool you. This is definitely christian rock and roll. Understand that the title was released in 1994, so the whole set is drenched in familiar riff styles and beats from the 80's and early 90's. Driving bass and hard guitar effects are used freely throughout. The choice of song titles are popular and familiar, and the lyrics are all straight from your local church hymnal. BUT this is NOT a church camp sing; this is air-guitar, shout what you believe music. In fact, none of the songs follows the "hymnal" chord progressions, so those of you who think that the artist is just attempting to "rock up" the usual selections are in for a great surprise. These were (and for those who have never heard this album, these are) all-new arrangements. Well worth the investment if you are looking for familiar themes done totally different.

1 Amazing Grace
Lead Vocals – Robin Kyle*
2 Nothing But The Blood
Lead Vocals – Dave Oliver (2)
3 Trust And Obey
Lead Vocals – Dana Hiett
4 Oh How I Love Jesus
Lead Vocals – Dave Oliver (2)
5 Leaning On The Everlasting Arms
Lead Vocals – Robin Kyle*
6 Take My Life
Lead Vocals – Dave Oliver (2)
7 Onward Christian Soldiers
Lead Vocals – Ken Pike
8 All Hail The Power
Lead Vocals – Dana Croucier
9 Jesus Paid It All
Lead Vocals – Russ Painter*
10 God Be With You (Till We Meet Again)
Lead Vocals – Robin Kyle*