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POUNDHOUND - MASSIVE GROOVES (*NEW-BLACK & RANDOM COLOR VINYL, 2021, Brutal Planet Records) King's X Vocalist!

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POUNDHOUND - MASSIVE GROOVES (*NEW-BLACK & RANDOM COLOR VINYL, 2021, Brutal Planet Records) King's X Vocalist!

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  • Remastered CD + Ltd Foil-Stamped Collector Card also available
  • Debut solo project by Doug Pinnick (King's X vocalist)
  • Featuring Jerry Gaskill (King's X drummer)
  • Featuring Chad Lyons (Sonnier Brothers Band)
  • Shannon Larkin (Godsmack, Amen, Wrathchild America and Ugly Kid Joe) 
  • Expertly remastered by Bombworks Sound / Rob Colwell
  • Featuring the extra Japan-only bonus track, "Anger
  • Vinyl comes with 12x12 insert featuring lyrics and rare band photos
  • Vinyl comes in two varieties - Black & Random Color (buy both!)
  • Limited to just 400 units world-wide (200 Black / 200 Random Color)
  • Ship in buffer-zone protector record box

What is "psychofunkadelic grungelism?" You'll have to buy this album to find out, and yes, you'll love it! Doug Pinnick, the 12-string bass thunder of the iconic power trio King's X, has laid down an ear-pleasing, foot-stomping, hand-clapping set of tracks on an "electric poundation" of massive bass vibes that'll set your whole house-a-quaking. Pinnick's trademark silk-and-gravel vocals impart a variety of moods to the album, lending a funky gospel voice to songs like "Jangle" and "Shake," a bluesy world-weariness to "Soul" and "Friends," a Hendrix-style otherworldliness to "Red." Pinnick's understated guitar work is masterful (he plays all guitars as well as bass). The driving, crashing drum work of Chad Lyons, Jerry Gaskill, and Shannon Larkin (ex Wrathchild America and Ugly Kid Joe drummer) expand the vibes on this album to a truly massive, glorious wall of sound. Pinnick's innovative, enormously influential career ought by now to have earned him a prime seat in the first rank of African American rockers, right beside Jimi Hendrix and Sly Stone. This music is great enough to give him the recognition he deserves. It's up to us fans to get the secret out.  This 1998 masterpiece has been digitally remastered by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound, and includes the Japan-only bonus track, "Anger," and comes with a 12x12 insert featuring rare band photos and lyrics.  Limited to just 200 Black and 200 Random Color - get this treasure while you can!

Longtime King's X vocalist/bassist Doug Pinnick steps into the spotlight via his very first solo project, Poundhound. Whereas his fellow bandmember Ty Tabor's solo album (Moonflower Lane) is more about sunny melodicism and songcraft à la the Beatles, Pinnick's album Massive Grooves from the Electric Church of Psychofunkadelic Grungelism Rock Music is a "darker" affair that stresses the importance of the almighty groove. Pinnick has always been one of the most groove-heavy bassists of rock, no doubt due to the use of a 12-string bass and an influence from funk music. While King's X-like vocal melodies do crop up on the tracks "Soul" and "Love," other songs like "Shake," "Music," and "Darker" are more straightforward, hitting you on a gut level. Massive Grooves deals with the not always pleasant topics of alienation, loss, and regret; "Friends" discusses several of Pinnick's real-life "friends," one who "cuts himself to numb the pain," another who is "going to die in jail," and a third who witnessed his father murder his mother as a youngster. But by album's end, Pinnick has resolved some of his issues, as evidenced by the soothing, subtle gospel sounds of "River."   

              Music Critic / All Music Reviews by Greg Prato

It’s heavy groove based rock with the best soul singer in metal....Doug’s bass and guitar sound amazing (you will rarely hear such a full bass sound).  

                     Mike Ladono (Music Critic)

Although Poundhound never really strays far from the style of music created by Pinnick’s full-time job, i.e. thundering rhythms, unexpected syncopation, nifty chord changes, and tasty six-string work, Pinnick nonetheless has forged a set of songs with a distinct identity of their own. I can’t see any King’s X fans being alienated by Massive Grooves, which reinforces King’s X’s credibility rather than diminishing it.
        That Devil Music: The Reverend's Rock 'n' Roll Archives

There are some seriously heavy songs ("Shake," "Darker") on this disc as well as some cool riffs and an almost Jimi Hendrix experimental feel. The whole disc smokes! The rest of the King's X guys make appearances in one way of another as well. Jerry Gaskill does some drum work and the disc is mastered by Ty Tabor. Catchy album title to boot.                         NoLifeTilMetal Reviews / Scott Waters

Side 1

1 Rev
2 Jangle
3 Shake
4 Music
5 Love
6 Darker
7 Friends
8 Soul

Side 2
9 Supersalad
10 Psycholove
11 Blindeye
12 Red
13 Hey
14 River
15 Anger (Japan only bonus track)