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PSYCHO - PAIN ADDICT PIGS (*Pre-owned, 2011, Moribund Records) Death/Thrash Metal

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Mainstream (not Christian) thrash and death metal


1 Intro (The First Incantation) 1:36
2 Pain Addict Pigs 5:10
3 All Are Dead 3:40
4 Meat Slit Grinder 4:14
5 Dr. Satan 3:38
6 Revenge Of The Raging Whore 3:54
7 Lords Of Slaughter 3:25
8 Mater Lachrymarum... Mother Of Tears 4:48
9 Demon Deathtrance 3:29

If you are a fan of death metal and you stumble on this review, do yourself a favor and give these guys a chance. They play a mid-paced, old school style without all of the technical mumbojumbo and they do it well. A style like back when death metal had some thrash elements in it. Very catchy buzzsaw riffs and killer vocals that are a little different than the norm. They are more raspy like a more violent Mille from Kreator or Kelly from Atheist, as opposed to the deep, guttural style that most bands use.

It's hard to stand out in Death Metal and even harder to get any global attention coming out of Singapore, so I am definitely glad I found this release.