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RANDY ROSE - SACRIFICIUM (Amber Waves Vinyl, 2024, Retroactive) Black Sabbath/Danzig inspired DOOM from Mad at the World Drummer!

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ROSE - SACRIFICIUM (Vinyl, 2024, Retroactive) Black Sabbath/Danzig inspired DOOM from Mad at the World Drummer!

RRV2005 ROSE - SACRIFICIUM Vinyl 637405147117

  • Originally released 1991, Intense Records
  • Part of the exclusive Metal Icon Series
  • Limited to just 200 vinyl copies
  • Drummer and founding member of iconic Christian rockers, Mad At the World
  • 12x12 lyrics insert with band pics
  • 2024 write up from Randy Rose to fans
  • Remastered by Rob Colwell
  • Limited number of Mothership CDs in stock (Randy's side project)
  • Several Mad at the World CD remasters (Flowers, Hope +1, Forest) and one Vinyl (Through the Forest)
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For years, Randy, the drummer and co-founding member of the iconic Christian rockers, Mad At the World, infused the band's sound with a powerful hard rock essence. However, it was in 1991 that he truly elevated their music to new heights with the release of their raw and haunting album, "Sacrificium," under Intense Records. This debut album exudes a distinct Danzig vibe, especially evident in Randy's vocals. The music itself is a slow, brooding amalgamation of doomy sludge, heavily influenced by the likes of Black Sabbath and Trouble. Tracks such as "Oppression" and the more spirited "Wicked Ways" immediately captivate listeners, with the latter boasting a chorus that lingers in your mind long after the song ends - "Would someone please release me, from the ways of this world." Similarly, the relentless riffs of "Black Harvest" are bound to have metalheads headbanging to its infectious groove, while "Walls of Hate" showcases a monstrous Black Sabbath-inspired riff, complemented by stellar guitar work from Randy's brother, Roger Rose. While the Danzig comparisons are warranted, the album draws from a plethora of influences, making it a multifaceted masterpiece. This remastered edition of "Sacrificium" by Retroactive Records in 2024 is a must-have for any fan of dark and heavy classics. The 2024 vinyl remaster features Amber Waves colored heavy-weight vinyl and a 12x12 lyrics insert with band pics, and even a special write-up direct to fans from Randy Rose! Limited to just 200 vinyl records!

I Was Alive
Wicked Ways
Black Harvest
Marshmallow Land
Wall Of Hate

Pain/Oppresson/Fire/I Was Alive/Wicked Ways/Black Harvest/Marshmallow Land/Wall Of Hate/Death/Sacrificium