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Randy Rose - Rarities & Demos: Masquerade Sessions (CD, 2024, Behold!) 15 classic Rose tracks!

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Randy Rose - The Masquerade Sessions-Rarities & Demos (CD, 2024, Behold!) 15 classic Rose tracks!

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  • Magnificent artist who has released many albums since the 80's
  • Drummer and founding member of Mad at the Word (Frontline Records)
  • Classic Rose albums on Alarma / Intense Records
  • Also released an album under the name Mothership (limited CD copies available)
  • Also has 2024 masterpiece of art rock and metal for fans of Danzig, Black Sabbath, Queens of the Stone Age and System of the Down

The Masquerade Sessions is a collection of b-sides and re-recordings of rare tracks done during the time of the Masquerade album, plus found demos from the early 1990s, released May 2023.

First 5 tracks recorded in 2022 at Rose Studios, Frisco Texas.
Vocals/guitar/bass/drums and produced and engineered by Randy Rose, except where noted. 

The 10 demos were all recorded in the living room in Hesperia, CA in the early 90s. The line up on the demos was:
Randy - vocals, engineered and produced
Mike Link - bass guitar
Ben Jacobs - rhythm and lead guitars
Steve Kumada (Mr K,) (R.I.P.) - rhythm and lead guitars
Don Richardt - drums and comedy relief

Almost every song was a first take recording, all live with the exception of some lead guitar work and vocals.

These demos span from pre-Healing to Into the Unknown.
Thank you guys, you guys were an awesome band!

1 Witchburner (2022 Version)
2 So Natural (2022 Version)
3 The Wooden Doll
4 God Of The Left Hand (2022 Version)
5 Scratching In My Head
6 My Lies (Demo)
7 God Of The Left Hand (Demo)
8 Hooked (Demo)
9 Healing (Demo)
10 Hide (Demo)
11 D.O.P. (Demo)
12 Satan's Calling (Demo)
13 Freedom (Demo)
14 On My Knees (Demo)
15 Freedom (Instrumental Soundtrack Demo)