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RESURRECTION BAND - MOMMY DON'T LOVE DADDY ANYMORE (The Originals: Volume 2) (CD, 2017, Retroactive) Digipak

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One of Resurrection Band?s best albums in part because no Christian band in 1981 was touching topics like divorce, being disabled, or being dirt poor like Rez. Mommy Don't Love.... deals with many injustices lyrically and musically. It's hard, fast, and bluesy with metal sensibilities. No one rocked like Resurrection Band. Originally released in 1981 on Light Records, the album focuses on relationships.  


Stark/Spare 3:42

Elevator Muzik 1:55

Alienated 2:02

Can't Get You Outta My Mind 2:52

The Chair 5:06

Can't Do It On My Own 2:50

First Degree Apathy 3:03

Mommy Don't Love Daddy Anymore 4:23

The Crossing 3:48

Little Children 2:36

Lovin' You 3:29