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  • Remastered for Vinyl
  • Only 200 Made
  • 2-Sided Printed Insert
  • Random Color in black poly-lined sleeve (Protects your vinyl)
  • Ships in a buffer-zone mailer to prevent damage during shipment
  • Audiofile Pressings
2022 Girder Records
  • Release Date: May 13, 2022

Rez Band 3 Classic Remasters - Bootleg, Hostage & Between Heaven and Hell

2022 marks the 50th anniversary since Resurrection Band got its start in 1972.  To celebrate this historical milestone, of one of Christian Rocks' favorite bands,  LIVE BOOTLEG (1984),  HOSTAGE (1984) and BETWEEN HEVEN AND HELL (1985) have been completely remastered for vinyl, repackaged and faithfully restored.  This is the first time that any of these releases have been remastered or made available on colored vinyl. We've spent an exceptional amount of time putting these together. They will rival the recent PETRA and Leviticus releases in quality. Each are a random colored vinyl with a black poly-lined sleeve and 2 sided insert with photos and readable lyrics thanks to Scott Waters (NoLifeTilMetal). Quality and care was also taken to provide the best possible audio, restored and remastered by Rob Colwell (Bombworks Sound).  Rez Band's ministry and rightful place in Christian Rock history is undeniable. Now these 3 releases get the Girder treatment that they so rightfully deserve.  Remastered CDs also available.

Between Heaven and Hell

Between Heaven and Hell was released in 1985, which is one of the most magical/special times in music.  Something happened this year and music just began to explode with all the right combinations.  This album is a perfect example.  It was GOLD for Christian Rock fans.  9 out the 10 songs was huge hits for fans. A true cross-over to the mainstream, Between Heaven and Hell pulled no punches about God and ministry to others but was a directly evangelistic leaving listeners the option of drawing their own conclusion.   Love Comes Down was a rather high dollar music video that saw regular rotation on MTV for a stint, something that most bands with the exception of Petra and Stryper were not able to convince labels to do.  By 1985, the issue of apartheid in South Africa had come to national prominence in pop music with the release of Artists United Against Apartheid's "Sun City", and although REZ had already addressed the subject several years prior on 1979's Rainbow's End, "Zuid Afrikan" reminded listeners that the issue was still of importance to the band. Between Heaven 'N Hell include the closing track, "2,000," and "Shadows," which became a live favorite due to its unflinching depiction of the destructiveness of teenage suicide, a topic even more relevant today. Now remastered with a LTD Collectors trading card in elite quality expanded packaging with readable lyrics and photos.


  1. The Main Event 3:03
  2. Love Comes Down 3:08
  3. Zuid Afrikan 5:20
  4. Walk On 3:42
  5. Talk To Me 4:25
  6. I Think You Know 3:13
  7. Shadows 5:00
  8. Save Me From Myself 3:30
  9. Nervous World 4:22
  10. 2,000 4:56