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SACRED WARRIOR - MASTER'S COMMAND + Trading Card (Gold Disc Edition CD, 2020, Retroactive) Jewel Case 2020 Remaster

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All of the ’90s Christian metal groups were children of Stryper, but Sacred Warrior took that sound in the operatic direction of acts like Queensryche. Their sound was also compared to that of Iron Maiden, especially on the early projects. 
           Mark Allan Powell / Encyclopedia of CCM

"Holy, Holy, Holy," the last track on the album, is the best for my money. The chords, phrasing and harmonies being superbly compatible with this band's style.   
   Allan Smith / Cross Rhythms Magazine

Vocals from Rey Parra are excellent and Bruce Swift’s guitar screams....Tony Velasquez’s drumming is excellent.  
     Ray Mansfield / Real 80's CCM

A bit more commercial and not quite heavy as Sacred Warrior debut Rebellion, Master’s Command still delivers as a work of classic US power metal. Aptly named guitarist Bruce Swift makes his mark as does operatic vocalist Rey Parra.
       Angelic Warlord Reviews

Sacred Warrior's best recording. Bruce Swift is the best guitarist along with Rex Carroll. The title track and Onward Warriors are worth buying this cd alone. True Christian metal.
         Kara Jalbert / White Metal Collector

"Masters Command" is leaps and bounds better than "Rebellion" in every aspect. The style has not changed much. They are still 100% heavy metal, but the songwriting, musicianship and production are excellent. 
            Scott Waters / NoLifeTilMetal Reviews

  • Includes a Sacred Warrior trading card with a gold foil stamp, exclusive to this release. 
  • #36 on Angelic Warlord's Top 50 Albums of the 80's (90% Rating)
  • #45 on the Christian Metal Realm's Top 100 Christian Metal Albums of All-Time
  • Features guest appearance from Vengeance alum, Larry Farkas and Roger Martinez
  • First time reissued in a jewel case
  • Features a 12-page insert booklet
  • Gold Disc CD (a disc rot deterrent)
  • Digitally remastered by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound (2020)
  • Artwork and layout by Scott Waters of NoLifeTilMetal
  • Photo collage of rare band pics
  • Readable lyric panels
  • Part of the exclusive METAL ICON SERIES (Retroactive Records)
  • Includes a four paragraph album write-up
  • Limited to just a 500 CD pressing

There’s something about ‘Ryche influenced power metal that makes hard music devotees go weak in the knees. Perhaps it is the high-end, soaring and at times operatic lead vocals not unlike those of revered Queensrÿche front man Geoff Tate. Maybe it is a technical proclivity rooted in the power metal aesthetic that also suggests of light progressive bearings. It might also be a high level of musicianship found in a guitarist both melodic and searing, intricate double bass drummer, bassist that lays the detailed low-end foundation and keyboardist that underscores but not to a fault. With Sacred Warrior, it is all of the above in light of its dark but sophisticated take on the power metal form.

1989's Master’s Command displays the band in better form from a technical perspective, with chops well-honed from time on the road. While backing away from the power metal of their debut, the album is a strong collection of hard rock songs and includes the more melodic tracks “Paradise” and “Beyond the Mountain,” which season the heavy sound with catchy hooks and memorable choruses. “The Flood” offers a vocal duet between Parra and Roger Martinez (of Vengeance). The album closes with what most consider to be its highlight, a heavy metal version of the traditional hymn “Holy, Holy, Holy.” 

Few albums could legitimately be the greatest Christian metal album of all-time.  Master's Command is a contender to such a lofty throne.  It's that good.  And, Retroactive Records has done everything possible to make this the ULTIMATE CD reissue of one of the ultimate Christian metal albums ever. The album has been digitally remastered by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound, packaged in a 12-page booklet/jewel case, and comes on an elite Gold Disc CD.

Track List:
01. Master's Command
02. Beyond the Mountain
03. Evil Lurks
04. Bound in Chains
05. Unfailing Love
06. Paradise
07. Uncontrolled
08. Many Will Come
09. Onward Warriors
10. The Flood
11. Holy, Holy, Holy

Band Members:

Rey Parra (Vocals)
Bruce Swift (Guitar)
Steve Watkins (Bass)
Tony Velazquez (Drums)
Rick Macias (Keyboards)