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SAINT - THE MARK (*NEW-CD, Amor Records) Rare and out of Print!

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  • Originally released 2006
  • Later remixed and remastered and released under the title "The Revelation"
  • Original issue on Armor Records
  • Original album cover
  • Revered as one of the best Saint albums of all time
  • For fans of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest

Would later go on to be remixed and repackaged as the Retroactive Records digipak release "The Revelation" but it was first released by the band on their own label as The Mark. This is the original mix, original artwork, etc. We were digging through the stacks and found one last batch! Get them while they last, and before they go UP in price!

The Angelic Warlord had this to say about the album: "The Revelation/The Mark finds Saint in top classic metal form. Musically, the album picks up where Time's End and Too Late For Living leave off or, more specifically, maintains the momentum gained from In The Battle."


1 The Spirit

2 The Vision

3 Ride To Kill

4 He Reigns

5 On And On

6 The 7th Trumpet

7 The Mark

8 Bowls Of Wrath

9 Babylon The Great

10 Reap The Flesh

11 Gog & Magog

12 Alpha & Omega

Released in 2006, THE MARK was remixed and remastered as 2012's THE REVELATION. I own the latter version, but have heard songs from the former. They're the same exact album it's just that the latter is better mixed. The biggest issue with the original version is that the vocals were too predominant, but that's not much of a pan when you have a singer the caliber of Josh Kramer.

In any event, THE MARK (or THE REVELATION) ranks with Saint's better releases, like HELL BLADE, DESPERATE NIGHTS, TIME'S END and TOO LATE FOR LIVING. I'm still assessing the quality of their 2014 album, BROAD IS THE GATE, which has great production, but features a new singer and this changes the dynamics of the band. While Saint rank with my favorite metal bands of all time, they of course have their lesser recordings, like THE PERFECT LIFE (1999) and WARRIORS OF THE SON (1984). IN THE BATTLE (2004) and CRIME SCENE EARTH (2008/2009) are mid-level releases.

Thankfully, THE MARK (or THE REVELATION) places with Saint's best material. This is just excellent traditional metal in the mold of Judas Priest without being copycats. Like Priest, their style allows for a lot of variation and each song is its own entity (don't you hate it when you buy an album and every song essentially sounds the same?). "The Vision" is one of my favorites with an excellent melodic delivery by Josh Kramer; and "Babylon the Great" ranks with the best metal songs of all time by any band; no kidding. Moreover, "The 7th Trumpet" is just molten metal in the manner or Priest's "Painkiller," but better. It's useless to list other favorites because every track is worthy from beginning to end. Saint really nailed it here and upped the ante with their repertoire.

I suppose if you're going to get this album you should get THE REVELATION, but -- either way -- this is one of Saint's top albums.