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Scorpions ‎– Crazy World (*Used-CD, 1990) Arena Rock/Hard Rock

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Scorpions ‎– Crazy World (*Used-CD, 1990) Arena Rock/Hard Rock

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I want to start off by saying that this is my favorite Scorpions album, so this review may be a little biased. "Crazy World" was released in 1990, and followed many great Scorps' classics, such as "Lovedrive," "Virgin Killer," "Blackout," and "Love at First Sting." It also followed what many fans consider their 'sell-out' album, "Savage Amusement," and a greatest hits package, "Rockers & Ballads (Best of)." This album marked a return to what we expect when we purchase a Scorpions disc...heavy riffs, sexual innuendo-ed lyrics, and of course excessive rock / metal cheese. Klaus Meine and Rudolf Schenker are akin to Angus and Malcolm Young of AC/DC in terms of finding a successful formula and making it work repeatedly. I give it four stars out of five when compared to other hard rock discs of the era. It has it all in terms of what the boys are capable of. There are slow burning rockers like "Money and Fame," power ballads "Wind of Change" and "Send Me an Angel," and then the blitzkrieg wailers like "Tease Me, Please Me" and "Kicks After Six." I like this disc a lot, and highly recommend it to both novice Scorpions fans and the hard-core ones that are on their second or third copy of "Blackout." Enjoy!

Tease Me Please Me 4:44
Don't Believe Her 4:55
To Be With You In Heaven 4:48
Wind Of Change 5:10
Restless Nights 5:44
Lust Or Love 4:22
Kicks After Six 3:49
Hit Between The Eyes 4:33
Money And Fame 5:06
Crazy World 5:08
Send Me An Angel 4:34