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SEGOR - WARMAGEDDON (*NEW-CD, 2014, Soundmass)

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SEGOR - WARMAGEDDON (*NEW-CD, 2014, Soundmass) 

 Soundmass is pleased to announce the release of SEGOR: Warmageddon – the 2nd solo album from Blood Covenant frontman Sergey Areskin.

Hailing from Armenia, SEGOR performs melodic and progressive death/black metal. Although influenced by the likes of Antestor and Extol, and with some obvious comparisons to Blood Covenant, “Warmageddon” carves out its own unique extreme metal style. Creative and inventive, SEGOR’s technical skills – tight drumming, pure soloing, epic keyboards – are sure to impress.

Recommended for fans of Hecate Enthroned, Dimmu Borgir and Graveworm.

Preparation For War (Intro)
The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death
Even When You Fall
In The Presence Of The Holy One 
Endless Madness
Vision Of The Beast
A Prison Without Walls
Kingdom Of Heaven
The Storm
Glory And Dominion
Symphony Of Heavenly Peace (Outro)
Breath of Life