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Maintream Metal

Deluxe CD/DVD edition. 2010 album from the Swedish rockers. With the return of guitarist and founding member Peter Wichers and a invigorated sense of purpose, the Panic Broadcast is the strongest album in their aresnal since the groundbreaking Natural Born Chaos in '02.

Track Listings
1. Late for the Kill, Early for the Slaughter
2. Two Lives Worth of Reckoning
3. The Thrill
4. Deliverance is Mine
5. Night Comes Clean
6. King of the Threshold
7. Let This River Flow
8. Epitome
9. The Akuma Afterglow
10. Enter Dog Of Pavlov
11. Sweet Demise (Bonus Track)

Soilwork is one impressive band. Eight studio albums, and not a bad one among the bunch. After a somewhat lackluster album with "Sworn to a Great Divide", I was worried that Soilwork's winning streak was over. This is not the case, and "The Panic Broadcast" turns out to be quite possibly their best work yet. Each song is a five star winner, with varied styles and tones that channel the best qualities of all their previous work. The production is solid, each instrument comes through loud and clear, the song writing is complex and interesting, and each song really takes on a life of it's own. If you like Soilwork or melodic death metal, or just good metal period, you owe it to yourself to get this album. Take a listen to some of the sample songs and you'll agree.