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STONE LEADERS-STONE LEADERS (New-CD, 2019, Vanity Music Group)-Progressive Metal

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2019 release from the dark prog rock quartet. With a solid lineup in place, the band entered The Attic Room Studio in Zagreb to begin work on their self-titled debut. Produced by drummer John Macaluso and guitarist Ivan Mihaljevic, the album is 12 songs of "groove prog." As the sticksman explains it, "The songs are more groove oriented than mathematical like most prog metal bands today. We have time changes that are really only there to fit what the lyrics are telling. The music is there to compliment the story that the vocal is relaying. Another thing, the songs aren't so extended that you don't remember what the intro of the song was when it ends. They're medium songs filled with hooks. Lyrically, the songs are both spiritual as well as realistic. There's some fantasy but not really in a sci-fi sense, more in the way of mind battles, searching, life, death, addiction, religion. We try to touch on everything."

Track Listings
1 Box of Time
2 Dv84U4Ea
3 Fire Up the Oceans
4 Blind Crusade
5 Shot By Lies
6 Toxic Guide
7 Heartless Stereo
8 Unearthly Designs
9 Electric City
10 Ignited
11 Gravity
12 Seeker