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STRYPER - FALLEN (*NEW-CD, 2015, Frontiers Records) Rare and Out of Print!

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STRYPER - FALLEN (*NEW-CD, 2015, Frontiers Records) 

Fallen is the follow-up to 2013's No More Hell To Pay, which was a critical and fan favorite for Stryper. Taking the best part of their classic material and fusing it with a heavier, modern sound and production, Fallen is an equal, if not better album than it's predecessor. Fans of Stryper and hard rock and heavy metal in general will have much to enjoy here.

1 Yahweh 6:21
2 Fallen 3:46
3 Pride 4:32
4 Big Screen Lies 4:29
5 Heaven 4:20
6 Love You Like I Do 3:53
7 All Over Again 3:50
8 After Forever 5:51
9 Till I Get What I Need 2:41
10 Let There Be Light 4:32
11 The Calling 3:54
12 King Of Kings 4:13