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STRYPER - REBORN GOLD DISC (CD) 2022 GIRDER RECORDS (Legends of Rock) Remastered, w/ Collectors Trading Card

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  • Remastered
  • Gold Disc Edition
  • High-Quality Expanded 12 Page Booklet with photos and lyrics
  • Jewel Case CD w/Hype Sticker
  • Special Striped Print, Gold Foil LTD Collectors Trading Card #22 
2022 Girder Records, GR1140
Originally Release in 2005
  • Legends of Rock™ Edition

  • Release Date: May 31, 2022
  • UPC: 765105158758


Officially licensed from Big3 Records, this Girder Records Legends of Rock™ release comes in a jewel case with 12-page booklet insert that includes readable lyrics, photos, liner notes. It also comes with a special LTD edition striped print, gold-foiled collectors trading card sealed inside, limited to only the first pressing.  Each release is a Gold Disc and comes  with reversible full cover if you prefer not to display the gold border cover.

Stryper is most celebrated Christian rock band there is. Anyone reading this most likely knows the impact that Stryper has had on the scene. From the soaring vocals of Michael Sweet, the guitar attack of Oz Fox to the visual timekeeping (a show all on its own) of Robert Sweet, this band plowed a lot of ground and few would debate their legacy or impact.  When the band reunited, the Christian rock community had massive reason to celebrate.  Stryper 2.0 was here.  Although many thought that Stryper's first album back would be the next To Hell With the Devil or In God We Trust album. What we actually got was something altogether different.  Stryper was Reborn. After Reborn dropped in 2005 most were just thrilled for something new, however some had complaints that it wasn't the same ole Stryper. I for one am glad that we aren't still living with Blockbuster, MySpace, AOL, Netzero, Buicks, and flip-phones. I'm glad we've evolved and so should music. In my book, Stryper did it right. They reinvented themselves.  Reborn and Murder By Pride are quintessential Stryper history in the making and now in Gold Disc they are the quintessential releases to own.  Remastered with a free LTD collectors card included, Reborn, Murder By Pride and The Covering are a collectors dream. Both Reborn and Murder By Pride come with 12 page booklets and The Covering comes in a 8 panel fold out poster.  All 3 come with reversible full cover if you prefer not to display the gold border cover.


1. Open Your Eyes 
2. Reborn
3. When Did I See You Cry  
4. Make You Mine 
5. Passion 
6 Live Again 
7. If I Die
8. Wait for You 
9. Rain 
10. 10,000 Years
11. I.G.W.T.


Produced by Michael Sweet & Kenny Lewis for Micheal Sweet Productions, INC.

PRODUCED BY: Michael Sweet & Kenny Lewis For Michael Sweet Productions, Inc.


RECORDED AT Blue Jay Recording, Carlisle, MA
Tracking engineer (drums, bass): Will Sandals. / Pro-Tools engineer: Kenny Lewis MSP Studios, Bourne, MA

TRACKING ENGINEER (GUITARS. VOCALS): Michael Sweet Mixed Emotions Music, Middleton, MA

Kenny Lewis / Vantine Studio, Stoneham, MA


MIXED BY: Kenny Lewis & Michael Sweet at Mixed Emotions Music, Middleton, MA

MASTERED BY: Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, New York City, NY

ALL SONGS WRITTEN AND ARRANGED BY MICHAEL SWEET AND PUBLISHED BY SWEET MILENA MUSIC (BMI), except “When Did I See You Cry”: Music by Michael Sweet, lyrics by David Johnson. Published by Sweet Milena Music (BMI). “Rain”: Music by Michael Sweet, lyrics by Paul Heusman. Published by Sweet Milena Music (BMI) / Blonde Recluse (BMI). “10,000 Years”: Music and arrangement by Michael Sweet, lyrics are Public Domain. Published by Sweet Milena Music (BMI). “I. G.W. T. “ : Music by Michael Sweet, lyrics by Robert Sweet and Michael Sweet. Published by Sweet Milena Music (BMI) / Stryper Music (BMI).

Executive Producer: Greg Hays
REMASTERED BY: Rob Colwell @ Bombworks Sound
Layout & Design: Scott Waters @ NoLifeTilMetal

We wanted to take a moment to explain the imagery that you hold in your hands. We have always been a band who makes extremely bold statements spiritually, vocally, musically, and last but certainly not least - visually.
We have committed our lives and our band to serving God, and with this new record we feel “Reborn”- individually and collectively. As these photos portray - no matter how hard we strive to free ourselves from the slime and the sin that consumes us, only God can set us free, and through Him, we can be “Reborn” again! -Stryper