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Switchfoot ‎– The Early Years: 1997-2000 (*NEW-3 CD Set) Legend + New Way +Learning To...)

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Re-issue of the first three albums from Switchfoot in one 3-CD set.

CD1 - The Legend of Chin
CD2 - New Way to be Human
CD3 - Learning to Breathe

The original booklets from each release are included.

Fat boy Jewel Case will be cracked - Factory Sealed

The Legend Of Chin
1-1 Bomb
1-2 Chem 6A
1-3 Underwater
1-4 Edge Of My Seat
1-5 Home
1-6 Might Have Ben Hur
1-7 Concrete Girl
1-8 Life And Love And Why
1-9 You
1-10 Ode To Chin
1-11 Don't Be There
New Way To Be Human
2-1 New Way To Be Human
2-2 Incomplete
2-3 Sooner Or Later
2-4 Company Car
2-5 Let That Be Enough
2-6 Something More (Augustine's Confession)
2-7 Only Hope
2-8 Amy's Song
2-9 I Turn Everything Around
2-10 Under The Floor
Learning To Breathe
3-1 I Dare You To Move
3-2 Learning To Breathe
3-3 You Already Take Me There
3-4 Love Is The Movement
3-5 Poparazzi
3-6 Innocence Again
3-7 Playing For Keeps
3-8 The Loser
3-9 The Economy Of Mercy
3-10 Erosion
3-11 Living Is Simple