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T Bone Burnett ‎– T Bone Burnett (*NEW-CD, 2019, Music on CD) Brilliant Remastered Reissue!

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T Bone Burnett ‎– T Bone Burnett (*NEW-CD, 2019, Music on CD) Brilliant Remastered Reissue!

River Of Love 3:30
Poison Love 2:33
Shake Yourself Loose 3:00
No Love At All 2:54
Annabelle Lee 5:01
I Remember (Instrumental) 2:21
I Remember 3:39
Little Daughter 3:29
Oh No Darling 3:49
Time 4:59
Little Daughter (Instrumental) 3:23
Song To A Dead Man 3:34
Bird That I Held In My Hand 3:04

I saw this CD marked down and on sale in a store and bought it based purely on the cover art (sweet!) and the fact that I knew T-Bone Burnett was a great producer, so I figured he might also be a good musician. I took a chance. And, although this is not my general musical fare, I loved this CD. It hit me right away. Just raw, good, no, damn good, music. That was yea many years ago and these songs still go round in my head. (I've actually bought it more than once after misplacing my copy.)

When I was a kid (then living in Florida) and we used to go back to visit my relatives in Virginia and North Carolina, I remember old rambling houses littered with accordions, guitars, old pianos, harmonicas and fiddles...things my uncles, cousins, and others played. I was too young to take much notice, though I liked toying with them (and later did take up music). But as I look back now, I like to think that they played music like this.

The sad regret of "The River of Love," the moving "Little Daughter," the melancholy hopefulness of "The Bird I Held in My Hand," the wonderful lament "I Remember," "No Love at All" ... and every other song on this CD. There's not a bad song here and many are great. I can say for sure that these songs stayed with me all these years, so that says something. The other reviewers here have said it all and better, but I wanted to add my two cents and say - great CD. Buy it. Outstanding musicians, great songs and arrangements, and superb production values (of course!).