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TEMPEST - LOST IN THE STORM (*NEW-CD, 2004, M8) features Jamie Rowe from Guardian !

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TEMPEST - LOST IN THE STORM (*NEW-CD, 2004, M8) features Jamie Rowe from Guardian !

Compilation of demos and unreleased tracks from American Christian Metal band Tempest hailing from Evansville, Indiana.

Limited Edition 2000 Copies

Track listing is 1. Rock on 03:08 2. In his Name 04:24 3. Jolt 02:56 4. Metal Mission 03:33 5. Seek his Face 03:38 6. It's up to you 03:39 7. Fall Down 04:21 8. Break the Chains 05:25 9. Gingus Fang 00:39 10. Dancing in the Rain 03:41 11. Dancing in the Rain Too! 03:23 12. East vs. West 01:41 13. Radio Interview 06:00


  • Great 80’s Hair Band Metal by the brothers Rowe!
  • Tempest toured with Bloodgood, Whitecross and Barren Cross just to name a few.
  • Vocals by Jamie Rowe of Guardian/Adrian Gale
  • Guitar by Mick Rowe of Midnight Orchestra
  • M8 Digitally Remastered these albums– not the attempt to master from the LP that the band put out
  • Songs from both of Tempest’s albums: Tempest-Stormt and Tempest-Eye of the Storm.
  • Includes a bifold insert with credits and personal commentary by Mick Rowe on all the songs
  • Not a cut-out or punch-out. No holes drilled or saw marks in the jewel box or the inserts


Tempest began in 1986 as a one man band named Travail. Travail recorded a two song demo in Evansville, IN. Golgotha was the first Christian song he recorded and sent off to labels. Once he found out that Travail meant labor pains, he decided to change the name of the band to Tempest. Along with the new band name came a new band. Mick Rowe and his brother Jamie (JR) started working together as a team and Mick was writing the new songs for what would be their first demo as a band … after no success with the labels, they did their next demo. “In His Name” was recorded in winter ’86 with a youth pastor from their church, 4 track recording at it best, Mick sent only one tape out to a label called “Pure Metal Records” a new metal label that had other bands like Saint, Messiah Prophet, Bride, and a new band Whitecross. They were next in line.

The Band

  • Darren Lee - bass
  • Jamie “J.R.” Rowe - vocals
  • Mick Rowe – guitar, vocals
  • Bobby Andrews - drums