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Teodor Tuff ‎– Soliloquy (NEW-CD, 2012, Indie) Progressive Hard Rock Metal w melody and hooks

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Teodor Tuff ‎– Soliloquy (NEW-CD, 2012, Indie) Progressive Hard Rock Metal w melody and hooks

The band is from Norway


1 Godagar
Alto Vocals – Camilla Rusten, Margareth Nordbøe Brøndboe
Soprano Vocals – Ingrid Synnøve Østvang, Kjersti Østerås, Merethe Trøan
2 The Last Supper
3 Addiction
4 Mountain Rose
5 Hymn (For An Embattled Mind)
6 Delusions Of Grandeur
7 Heavenly Manna
Guitar – Jeff Waters, Mathias Buus, Mathias Y. Eklund
8 Deng's Dictum
9 Lullaby
10 Mind Over Matter
11 Tower Of Power

Enter a new band to me for 2012. Album is loosely a concept album relating to corruption in governments, churches & the likes of power hungry individuals who think they're better than others. 100% clean singing that just sounds great with no whining or gruff parts, just excellent vocals overall. The chorus' have a slight pop-metal feel to them but are very catchy & extremely memorable to the point you WILL remember lyrics or various song parts after the first listen.
As for the music, the guitar work is full of power, with driving upbeat songs containing fairly heavy riffs & melodic guitar leads that never sound stale (there's a catchy vibe you can't help wanting more of). When keyboards are used, they are quite upfront in lieu of just used for atmosphere & add nicely with the song overall, never overstaying their place. There are also some acoustic interludes on songs such as Hymn for an Embattled Mind, Lullaby & Mind Over Matter that break up the storm of riffs without being too mellow. It really is the overall musicality of this album that makes it such a pleasure to listen to and despite how I've described this album, make no mistake, this is a full on guitar driven album. And that's it in a nutshell, after one listen, this album was memorable & with subsequent listens became a favorite of mine for this fall season. This one has been in rotation for 2 weeks straight because it IS really that good. I hope to hear more from this band in the future because they have great talent at songwriting & instrumentation.