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TITANIC - MAIDEN VOYAGE (Collector's Edition) CD with Robert Sweet of Stryper

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This heavy metal classic originally released in 1996, and has been out of print for over half a decade. Fifteen years later the 2010 Collectors Edition features stunning new artwork, while the music has been remixed, remastered, and partially re-recorded. We extend a special thanks to the amazing Robert Sweet (Stryper) for providing real drums on this Collectors Edition (the original features a drum machine). We asked him to - really let lose and to drum like you've always wanted to - with no restrictions - and that's exactly what he did! The result is a world-class heavy metal release with drums by a bonafide superstar! Guitar duties are handled by axeman extraordinaire, Bill Menchen (Seventh Power, Menchen, Final Axe, Rev Seven, Redeemer), and the sudden impact vocals of Keith Miles (Final Axe, Holy Right) provide a powerful classic metal experience with vocals riffs that could power the Titanic! Melodic power metal fans have made it clear that TITANIC Maiden Voyage is a classic worthy of its legendary, heavy-weight status! For fans of Judas Priest, Bloodgood, Neon Cross, and Saint!

1 Nightmare
2 You've Got Nothing On Me
3 Gods Of War
4 And The Dead Shall Rise
5 Ocean Of Blood
6 Hollywood Blvd.
7 I Don't Believe
8 Fight Back
9 I Am Watching You
10 Freak Show