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Trouble ‎– Run To The Light (*NEW-CD, 2018, Hellion) Import - Reissue

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Trouble ‎– Run To The Light (*NEW-CD, 2018, Hellion)

Doom metal, some of the most classic acts in the world have come from this genre including Black Sabbath, Witchfinder General, and yours truley Trouble. Now before we get some people saying "Great band, stupid lyrics. Stupid Christians" I am proudly Christian and still listen to the likes of Slayer, Kreator, ect, ect. Shut up and listen to the music, if you don't like it shut up and don't listen to it. Anyway, Run To The Light is the third album from Chicago's Trouble. Although not as influential as the debut or the sophomore album, Trouble adds a different persepective to their music with this release. Still dark, gloom, and doom, Trouble released a great album that is Run To The Light. Eric Wagner's vocals shriek with such power that my speakers explode in my truck on the way to work. The chorus of the whole album is memorable and catchy. Compared to the past albums, this is of a slower pace but still packs a punch thanks to Bruce Franklin and Rick Wartell. The production is the top of the line for 1987. All in all, this album has aged quite well, and with the uses of a few progressive elements in this album has thus in turn increased its staying power as a metal classic. Number three is a must have for any doom metal fan.

1 The Misery Shows 5:33
2 Thinking Of The Past 3:51
3 On Borrowed Time 5:25
4 Run To The Light 5:58
5 Peace Of Mind 3:01
6 Born In A Prison 4:45
7 Tuesday's Child 3:28
8 The Beginning