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TRYTAN - BLOOD OF KINGS (*NEW-CD Digiwallet, 2022, Retroactive Records) Eric Gillette/Neal Morse Band + John Elefante/Kansas + Jim LaVerde/Barren Cross

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TRYTAN - BLOOD OF KINGS + Trading Card (*NEW-CD Digiwallet, 2022, Retroactive Records)

For fans of Rush styled prog metal with HOOKS!

  • Features Jim Laverde on bass (Barren Cross)
  • Features John Elefante (Kansas/Mastedon) guest vocals on "The Revelation"
  • Features Rey Parra (Deny the Fallen/Sacred Warrior) guest vocals on "The Revelation"
  • Features Eric Gillette on drums - he is lead guitarist, vocalist, and keyboardist for the Neal Morse Band + others
  • 80 minutes of the best music your ears can possibly hear!
  • 6 panel digiwallet with lyrics

This album is an exciting and brilliant musical and emotional rollercoaster, but fans know that’s par for the course from progressive rockers, Trytan. Blood of Kings marks the band’s third iconic milestone on a musical journey that began over 30 years ago! Blood of Kings features band leader, Lary Dean on vocals, Eric Gillette (Neal Morse Band), Jim Laverde (Barren Cross), Rey Parra (Sacred Warrior/Deny the Fallen), John Elefante (Kansas/Mastedon) and together they offer a vibrant manifesto of world-class musicianship, vivid lyrical scenarios and ambitious, multi-leveled compositions that have established Trytan as a uniquely compelling creative force like never before! To simply describe Blood of Kings as “epic” is to seriously underestimate the brilliance jam-packed into this album. This is definitive ear candy for even the most distinguished of music fans.  For fans of Dream Theater, Rush, Kansas, Spock’s Beard, and The Neal Morse Band. 


"...this is not only the best Trytan album I've heard, but one of the best albums I've ever heard period and I mean that sincerely with all of my heart. I have no doubt that it will not only touch people's lives, but change them as well! I can't wait to play it on our radio show!”  Jeff D’Bury -The Rock & Roll Casserole Show

"The Blood of Kings is progressive, heavy, melodic and memorable. Album of the year consideration and it's only February. Lary Dean with Eric Gillette and Jim LaVerde have assembled what could be an all-time classic. And epic landscape of sound that is world-class."   Keven Crothers / White Throne Reviews & Radio

On "Blood of the Kings," Trytan knocks the ball out of the park in an overlooked and sparsely populated Christian progressive metal genre. A bit too early in the ballgame, but also a potential album of the year contender.
                                                           Angelic Warlord Reviews

Wow! Fans who dug the first two albums are going to FREAK! “The GodStorm” into “The Revelation Song” segue is epic. Oh my! I’ve been waiting for years for a metal band to cover this majestic worship tune!   
                                  Doug Van Pelt / Heaven's Metal Magazine

1. The Descender 7:33
2. A Million Hearts 6:30
3. Blood of Kings 9:14
4. Monsters 8:28
5. Last Night in Dubai 5:16
6. Ricochet 7:44
7. Centrifuge 7:42
8. Shadow Racer 6:31
9. Yesterday 6:21
10. The GodStorm 7:07
11. Revelation Song 7:03


The first Trytan album in over 30 years is about to drop very soon on Retroactive Records. I couldn’t be more excited. I feel like I’m 25 again and just beginning my music career. I really put my head down on this album in 2018 and I didn’t have a music team, a band. Little did I know that my counterpart would be the brilliant guitarist of the Neal Morse Band, Eric Gillette. Eric and I along with the contributions of Jim, John and Rey worked really, really hard to put this album together. From the months and months and really years and years of composing, arranging, rearranging and rehearsals to being down with Eric for the weeks that I was working with him and experiencing an amazing partnership and synergy with lightning strike after lightning strike happening day in and day out, to the mix down and finishing process was a lot of hard work, passion, energy, collaboration, sacrifice and time. The day I got the final mix from Eric I sat down and I wept because despite knowing the months and years that went into this project it was like it all magically came together and was like a flash. I knew it took a lot of time but when it was all completed and I heard the final result it had such a grace on it and it was like a flash of God and bam, it was done.

During the tour that supported the release of Sylentiger in 1990/1991 two young men drove to a live performance from the East Coast to share how the Lord used the album to pull them out of a downward and sinful spiral and back into the Lord. I’ll never forget that. I truly hope and pray that the Lord will do such things with this album.

I suppose when you’ve got music and song ideas stewing & fermenting in you for 3 decades and you finally record an album, it’ll be a whole lot of music. And, it is! “Blood of Kings” is almost 80 minutes of music.

We truly hope and pray that this music blows people away, rescues souls, moves their heart and glorifies the Lord. He’s the One that made it all possible! Thank You Lord! James 1:17, Eccl. 9:10, Col.3:17-23

-Lary Dean