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ULF CHRISTIANSSON - ENTERTAINERS & SOLDIERS (*NEW-CD, 2003, Fruit) Jerusalem lead singer

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Ulf Christiansson, singer, songwriter, guitarist, and motor of classic Christian hard rock band, Jerusalem, has written 13 new and original hardhitting songs. His voice has never sounded better, stretching and pitching from a mere whisper to a thunderous climax. Lyrically Ulf broaches subjects not often spoken of, and shares things that you have sensed but could not put into words. It was released independently October, 2004.

Songs include: Its Not Easy, Rip My Heart Out, Die To Myself, Entertainers & Soldiers, Hope For Tomorrow, Kings & Spears, Touch You, Godspeed To You, Homeland, Have To Go, Happiest Man, Glorify, and Stupid Man. 13 songs TT: 55:10 12-page insert