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UNDERCOVER - BRANDED: 20th Anniversary Edition) (*NEW-CD, 2011, Intense Millennium)

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Southern California's classic punk/alternative band Undercover's 1986 critically acclaimed album "Branded". "Branded" has never before been released on CD as a stand alone album, and the albums 25th anniversary is the perfect time for it to be it's first! 1986's Branded took Undercover in a slightly different direction with keyboard-laden melodies and darker, more introspective lyrics. In "Pilate", sung from the point of view of Pontius Pilate, the persona struggles with the guilt of having crucified Jesus, confessing, "I killed him, I killed him after all." Other song titles on this album were "Cry Myself to Sleep" and "Darkest Hour." Branded marked a turning point for the band, as on future releases it would continue to explore aspects of Christian life not frequently addressed by the CCM musicians who were finding increasing acceptance on secular airwaves and with secular audiences.

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