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USYNLIG TUMULT - VOICES OF THE WINDS (*NEW-CD, 2009, Bombworks) Pure Black Metal from the Ukrain

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The best way to describe "Voices of the winds" would be to say that it is very dark and has a distinct coldness about it. The melodies are mesmerizing, and given the cold and dark atmospheres, it still doesn't take away from any of the beauty of emotion within the music. This is not the highest production quality, but it still sounds very good for their playing style, and if the production was better, then the music probably wouldn't have the same feel, and that could ruin some aspects of their compositions. Overall, this is a must have for fans of true black metal...exept this is UNBLACK!!


A lot of deep vocals and haunting melodies. Recommended if you like bands like Shade Empire, Naglfar, and Kalmah. Touches of Cradle of Filth and Devildriver as well. Definitely worth buying. The only bad thing is the cd is only 23 minutes long.

The track listing is 1. Rest 2. Tomorrow 3. Single With Nature 4. Crucified... 5. Curse of Eternal Winter 6. Shhhhhhh... Best song is 'Tomorrow'. After a couple listenings of this cd, it gets very addicting.