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Various ‎– The Mother Of All Tribute Albums (*NEW-CD, 1998, HM Records)

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Various ‎– The Mother Of All Tribute Albums (*NEW-CD, 1998, HM Records)

HM / Heaven's Metal Magazine - most of these tracks are exclusive to this CD!  It's all bands performing cover tunes from other artists.

1 –Tourniquet - Dogman
2 –Doug Pinnick - I Will Follow
3 –Echo Hollow Sunday Bloody Sunday
4 –Spy Glass Blue Song To My Parents
5 –Reflescent Tide Hold Me Jesus
6 –Justin Fox - Do It For Love
7 –Paul Roraback 2112 Overture
8 –Crimson Thorn Loud 'N' Clear
9 –Guardian - C'mon Rock
10 –The Channelsurfers God Is Bigger
11 –Blackball Message In A Bottle
12 –Atomic Opera Water Grave
13 –One Bad Pig Cosmic Cowboy
14 –The Violet Burning It's All Too Much
15 –Larry Norman Jesus Freak

Product Description
The idea behind "The Mother Of All Tribute Albums" was to take the concept of tribute albums one step further. We allowed the 15 individual artists to choose the song and artist that they wanted to pay tribute to. The result is an eclectic and spirited performance by 15 top artists. We've got members of Tourniquet covering King's X; members of King's X covering U2; a "Veggie Tales" song; Larry Norman covering dc Talk's "Jesus Freak" and a cover of the Rich Mullins classics "Hold Me Jesus" (recorded before Rich died).

"Puts a face to songs with a beauty all its own; even more beauty than just a mother could love." -- HM Magazine, May/June, 1998

A must-hear for any fans of the bands playing or even covered. Let's hope HM does it again. -- Phantom Tollbooth, August 14, 1998

If you enjoy records that mix various artists, this is worth the effort to find.

By Tony LaFianza -- Phantom Tollbooth, August 14, 1998